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Most of us ignore plumbing problems because it can be a daunting task.  It may be time consuming and will almost certainly require skill.  However, every home needs a good, smooth running plumbing, heating & drainage system. All of these things are essential parts of any home.

So, having a basic knowledge of how your home’s plumbing system works can help you solve small problems that may crop up, saving you the cost of hiring a plumber! Below we have put together a list of some of the most popular plumbing tips for homeowners.

Top Best Plumbing Tips

Know Where Your Mains Water Stop Tap Is Located

Stop tap

Plumbing mishaps can lead to an indoor flooding incident, especially if you do not know how to isolate the incoming water mains…..fast!  Make sure you know the exact location of the mains water supply cut-off.

Check For Drainage Leaks Using Colour

Dye test to detect leak

A cheap and easy way to check for leaks in your toilets is to add some food colouring to your toilet cistern. If you notice any staining in your toilet bowl after 30 minutes, this would indicate that you have a slow escape of water, probably around the flush valve seal. 

Often Check Your Water Meter Dials

Water meter

Start by ensuring that no water is being used within the property.  If the dials are active or spinning, then there could be something wrong. The chances are that you might have a leak somewhere that you are not aware of, which can prove costly over long periods of time when you are paying by the drop! Check all your taps or showers for dripping. Also check toilet cisterns or toilet bowls for continuous running water. These are the usual suspects.

Have Basic Replacement Parts In The Home

Rubber gasket

Toilet maintenance kits and rubber gaskets are cheap and can be readily replaced by homeowners themselves without seeking expensive professional help. Learn how to use them, have the ones you need in your little stock and you are good to go!

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

No chemical drain cleaner

Chemical drain cleaners can adversely shorten the life of your pipes and drains as, if you have weakened pipes, applying acid can cause the pipe to leak.  To unclog pipes and drains, use a plunger. For stubborn clogs, you can use a rotar removal tool also known as the plumbers snake.

Always Have A Plunger


A plunger is a very cheap and efficient tool, and can manage basic plumbing issues like blocked sinks and toilets very easily.  You can also have a look at our blog showing how to unblock a toilet without a plunger!


Prevent Frozen Pipes

Pipe insulation

It can be a good idea to keep a small amount of water running during the winter, especially in extremely cold weather (this may not be cost effective if you are on a water meter). Moving water needs much colder temperatures to freeze and also takes a lot longer. But you can try lagging your pipes with plumbing insulation in areas that could potentially be exposed to low or freezing temperatures. 

Avoiding Stuck Or Faulty Valves

Faulty or non working valves are a severe plumbing issue that could cost you a lot of money. Don’t forget to open and close all your water and drainage valves, twice every year without fail to keep them working.

Gate isolation valve

Try To Isolate An Issue Locally

Closing off the whole water supply to handle a minor issue can be an unnecessary pain. You can prevent this by ensuring that all locations with water (basins, toilets, sinks etc) have an isolation valve fitted so that you can stop the water to that product and not have to close off the water supply to the whole house.

The key is knowing what to do when

A local plumber will always be happy to take care of any and all plumbing requirements you may face in your home. However, with these top best plumbing tips for homeowners, you may save yourself some money and will only have to call a plumber when a serious issue arises.

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