Summer is nearly here! Saving water during the hot period is so easy!

Despite there being a little downpour today,  when the warm weather truly hits, people with a garden use on average 25% more water a day. If you use a hosepipe or sprinkler, this will be much higher.  Our scorching tips are here to help you in saving water whilst enjoying the summer sun. We have always found that it’s the smallest changes that have the biggest impact.

Plus if you have a water meter, if you follow some or all of these tips, you could save money on your water bill by using less water. 

Read on now to find out how you can make a difference this summer, keeping hydrated and saving water.

Use a watering can

By switching to a watering can during the summer can save up to £120 and 45,000 litres of water…..that’s equivalent to 571 baths!

Stay hydrated

Always have a cool drink to hand by keeping a full bottle or jug of water in your fridge.

Set an alarm

Save money on having to re-wash clean washing by setting an alarm for when the washing machine ends.  Taking the clothes out straight away will prevent damp smells.  You can buy a cheap alarm to keep on the counter top – a simple one like this will do!

Use left-over water

Don’t just empty the paddling pool.  Use the left over water when the kids are finished playing to give your garden a drink.

Leave cuttings

Keep your lawn packed with moisture by leaving the mowings from your grass on the top to act as mulch.  But don’t worry!  Dry lawns will soon recovver when autumn rain returns.  For lots of tips on looking after your lawn visit

It’s not just in your garden you can save water!

The world is changing, and we do need to change with it to protect our most previous resource.  From our morning shower to brushing our teeth at night, it’s easy to assume that water will always be there when we need it. With all the rain we endure in the UK, it can be easy to think that water is endless – but this isn’t the case.

Unpredictable weather and a growing population means it’s important we work together in saving water where we can.

Take shorter showers

On average, a shower uses 10 litres of water a minute.  That means a 10-minute shower can use 100 litres of water.

If a family of four reduced their shower time by just one minute, they could save £45 on metered water bills, up to £52 on energy costs and as much as 11,648 litres of water per year!  That’s astounding!

Turn off taps

It’s useful for you to know that a running tap can use 6 litres of water per minute.  So it’s such a quick and simple way to start saving water at home.  Simply by turning a tap off just five seconds sooner, you’ll save half a litre!  Try turning it off so the water isn’t flowing when you’re doing the washing up or brushing your teeth.

Make sure you fill your dishwasher and washing machine

Simply filling your dishwasher and not turning it on until it is fully loaded will save water, electricity and dishwasher tables – savings all round!  The same goes for the washing machine – a fully loaded machine being used rather than half loaded can save up to 4,000 litres a year!

Watch out! Have you seen one of these?

Another way of saving money is to fix leaky loos and dripping taps.  Have you seen one of these culprits?  A loo that trickles down the back of the pan could waste 200 litres per day which amounts to £161 per year.  If the water running down the back is more of a ripple it can be 600 litres going down the pan at a cost of £483 per year.  Worse still, a fully flowing toilet can amount to a whopping 8000 litres a day at a cost of £6543 per year!

 It’s easy to check if you have a leaky loo by waiting for 30 minutes after flushing and then wiping the back of the pan dry with toilet paper.  Place a new, dry sheet of toilet paper on the back of the pan and leave it there for up to 3 hours without using the toilet, so maybe do this overnight.  If the paper is wet or torn after this time, you have a leaky loo!

Don’t panic!

It is normally a simple fix, as it is generally caused by a faulty flush valve or fill valve inside the cistern.  If you have any queries or think your toilet is a leaky loo then we can help….just visit our contact us page



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