Tips to Avoid Flooding Disasters while you are on Holiday

April 14, 2022by Herts0

Happy Easter to you all from Herts Plumbing and Drainage!

We hope you are having a wonderful Easter, especially in this fantastic weather! Long may it continue.

With the Summer holidays just around the corner, we thought we would kick off our new blog up with a few tips on how to avoid flooding disasters in your homes while you are away and even while you are at home having a staycation!

Important plumbing tips before you head off to the airport…

There is nothing worse than returning home from a relaxing family break to find water damage in your home.  Make sure you follow these simple steps:

Most importantly…

Turn off the mains supply into your home.  You should have stop taps within your property that will do this but if you do not, then there will be one in your front garden/front pavement that will stop the mains water supply.

All you need to do upon your return is turn the mains water supply back on, it’s as simple as that!

Know your property…

It is a good idea to know where your stop taps are and twice a year just check that they are working correctly – many times we arrive at a job and the stop tap has seized up which causes more issues.

Happy Holidays everyone!







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